An avalanche of Boba is here!

Boba Network | September 21, 2022

An Avalanche of Boba is coming! That’s because we, the team at Enya Inc., are officially launching Boba Network (our L2 scaling solution) on Avalanche. This is a significant opportunity for web3 devs because Boba Network is not only the first L2 that’s multichain, but with our Avalanche integration, we’re also first-to-market as a Layer-2 to serve a non-Ethereum blockchain!

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Boba and Avax Make A Power Couple!

Here at Boba Network, our EVM compatibility has allowed us to expand our scalability value proposition beyond Ethereum, and as such, we are a multi-chain network and the first of our kind. What’s more, our Hybrid Compute technology allows developers to leverage web2 to web3 technologies on our platform.

Now we’re combining that powerful technology with Avalanche.

For web3 developers, this means that we are making it super easy to build your next dApp or game with all the benefits that Avalanche brings to the table, such as:

High Performance:

  • Avalanche finalizes transactions in about a second and clears thousands per second, enabling decentralized finance applications to reach their full potential.


  • Avalanche scales to thousands of nodes, making it a truly decentralized protocol that avoids the centralization risks of most blockchain networks to-date.


  • dApps launched on Avalanche can define its own core logic and validator set. This means compliance and privacy by default.

As an added benefit for using Boba Network, Avalanche developers will be able to access Hybrid Compute, one of Boba’s flagship products for smart contracts, to interface seamlessly with web2 APIs. By leveraging the power of real-world data and off-chain compute, developers can create richer applications with greater utility. Avalanche projects can also take advantage of Boba’s native NFT bridge, allowing smooth transfer of NFTs between L1 and L2.

Gaming and Crypto Combine With EvoVerses!

Our Avalanche integration will see EvoVerses, a play-to-earn, turn-based strategy game feature on Boba Network as a launch partner dApp. The blockchain game was built with Unreal Engine 5 and features mythical creatures called Evos that evolve through the gameplay. The game will also allow players to build houses and lands in-game.

This is a powerful partnership, and we hope you take advantage of this incredible Avalanche of Boba!  😉