Waving goodbye to Rinkeby testnet: what does this mean to Boba devs?

Boba Network | November 2, 2022

The Boba Network is a Layer-2 scaling solution that is the first of its kind as a multichain execution layer in the Web3 industry.

For those who are not aware, our Rinkeby testnet is being deprecated by the end of October. The good news, however, is that we’ve already started the transition to Goerli, the recommended Rinkeby replacement. Therefore our contributors that are already accustomed to using the Rinkeby testnet can continue testing with a similar ETH testnet. The Boba Goerli should be available by mid-November.

What is the Rinkeby Testnet?

The Rinkeby testnet is an Ethereum testnet that allows web3 developers to test decentralized applications before deploying them to the Ethereum mainnet. The network is a copy of the Ethereum mainnet that is run by pre-authorized nodes, which prevents spam attacks and increases performance.

Why Is It Being Deprecated?

Rinkeby is a Proof-of-Authority (PoA) test network, and there are only two remaining validators left supporting the testnet following the Ethereum Merge of September 2022. For more information on Ethereum’s testnet deprecationand merge timeline, refer to the official Ethereum blog. In short: pre-merge architectural structures will no longer be supported.

What’s Goerli?

Goerli is a testnet, a decentralized computing network who’s ledger is separate from the main Ethereum ledger, so transactions do not cross over between the two. It runs on proof of stake (PoS), just like Ethereum, after The Merge).

Goerli is one of Ethereum’s most popular testnets and is used by web3 application developers to test their applications before launching them on the Ethereum Mainnet.

So What Do Boba Developers Need to Do?

It’s all quite simple! When the Boba Goerli network goes live in November, all you need to do is redeploy your app to the new endpoints on the Boba Goerli Network.

NOTE: If you don’t transition your app after we’ve fully launched the Georli testnet, it will eventually be shut down as we terminate support for earlier versions.