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The next chapter of the internet is going to be built by you. And Boba Network makes it easy. Boba is offering a platform where developers will benefit from an unmatched set of tools to accelerate their project to the next level.

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Boba Network development resources

Discover Boba’s wide variety of resources to start your builder's journey. From deploying an EVM-compatible contract on multiple networks, creating games, mint NFTs, using DeFi components, integrating decentralized exchanges, accessing Hybrid Compute, building a test environment, exploring dApps and much more.

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Hybrid Compute


Hybrid Compute bridges the gap between Web2 and Web3. Accessing real-world data, in real-time and bringing the result back atomically on-chain in a secured and immutable way. Creating a more dynamic blockchain experience.


Hybrid Compute examples


Mint random generated NFTs


Connect real world assets with Web3


Implement a blockchain KYC (Know Your Customer)


Price oracle data


Boba is a scaling infrastructure that is expanding to facilitate more functionality on multiple EVM-compatible blockchains and therefore transitioning into a multichain execution layer. This will give developers a more flexible environment to build on.

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