With love, API3 Quantum NRC is here!

Boba Network | December 21, 2022

We are happy to announce that API3 is deploying QRNG, Web3’s only Quantum RNG service, to Boba Network!

Developers on Boba Network’s ETH chain can now utilize true, quantumly generated, randomness within their smart contracts!

Random Number Generation – is it important?

If you are a developer (or have dabbled in software development at any point in time), you probably came across a situation, where you had to generate a random number. If you tried, you probably know that the operation isn’t as random as the name suggests. Random number generating, or RNG for short, is really important for a variety of use cases, from gaming to NFTs and generative art, especially in the field of security.

How does the QRNG work?

How does QRNG (“Quantum Random Number Generator”) work? API3’s QRNG uses quantum fluctuations to provide the developers a source of truly random data in comparison to the existing pseudorandom numbers by other blockchain RNG services. To do so, API3 will be joining forces with another provider of quantum randomness, QuintessenceLabs. Australia-based QuintessenceLabs is a global leader in quantum cybersecurity, recognized for its advanced quantum-resilient data protection capabilities, and currently works with companies like Microsoft, Raytheon, and JP Morgan.

And what does this mean for developers on the Boba L2s?

What does this mean for developers on Boba Network chains? With QRNG, you will be able to do multiple things:

  • Produce random encounters or surprise events in a multiplayer game
  • Making sure that you’re having a fair game of chance by introducing better randomization
  • Create truly unique generative art & NFT collections and much more

What about the community?

API3 also hasn’t forgotten the community: to further expand accessibility for all developers and dApps, API3 has deployed QRNG as a public good. If you use QRNG, you will only pay the gas fees needed to use the service, and will not face any additional premium payments for random number generation.

For developers: if you’re interested in knowing more, check out the API3 documentation & join their Discord here to talk with developers working with QRNG.