Build on Boba Network
and receive over
$1,000,000 in Grants!

Build on Boba Network and receive over $1,000,000 in Grants!

The Boba Network LiftOFF Accelerator program helps founders join the network. Teaming up with Brinc, it supports Web3 startups in Defi, RWAs, Gaming, and AI with a grant up to $35K, technical aid, and business mentoring, along with lifetime network access and promotion.


Brinc operates a global accelerator program to aid founders in addressing major global challenges. Brinc’s accelerator program provides support, mentorship, and investments to enable innovators to tackle these challenges. They have a track record of investing in over 239 companies originating from more than 36 countries.


The Boba LiftOFF Accelerator supports founders in migrating to the Boba Network, an efficient layer 2 solution that offers startups affordable building costs, lower transaction fees, enhanced computational power through HybridCompute™, and improved withdrawal times compared to other chains.

In collaboration with Brinc, the Boba LiftOFF Accelerator aims to identify and mentor leading Web3 startups in scaling DeFi, RWAs, AI and Gaming projects. All successful applicants receive a grant up to $35K, comprehensive technical support, and strategic business development resources. This includes lifetime access to the network, ongoing support, and extensive promotion across Boba and Brinc’s global communities and social media platforms.


Affordability & Efficiency

Migrate to a more efficient, affordable layer 2 using proprietary tech such as HybridCompute™ with the help of our expert team.

Network Access

Mentorship in all aspects of your business to help you scale rapidly, leveraging Boba Network’s social reach and ecosystem.


Receive up to $35K to help accelerate your growth and support migration.

Account Abstraction

Account abstraction is available to be enabled to developers.


ZkRand – Decentralized, verifiable random function based on zero knowledge proofs.


DeFi (Decentralized Finance)

Financial services on blockchain platforms that operate without central authorities, using smart contracts instead.


Physical or intangible assets like real estate or company shares tokenized and used in blockchain systems, enhancing liquidity and access.


Video games built on blockchain technology, featuring decentralized assets that players can truly own and trade.

Artificial Intelligence

Projects that leverage AI to enhance data analysis, automate complex decision-making processes, and optimize user interactions on decentralized applications (dApps).


Limited spaces available.
The next round of reviews closes on August 22, 2024.


Violet Abtahi

Co-founder & President
Enya Labs

Alan Chiu

Co-founder & CEO
Enya Labs

Feras Al Sadek

Head of MENA Region – Enya Labs
Partner @ Ghaf Capital

James Ho

Director of Strategic Partnerships
Animoca Brands

Prakash Somosundram

CEO & Co-Founder

Zaher El Orm

Crypto Center Manager

Gabby Dizzon

Yield Guild Games


Boba Network’s experts will support your project both in Technical (product development, building on-chain) and Non-Technical roles (marketing, promotion, business development, partnerships).

Bridging to Boba Network

Bridging to Boba: Support from our engineering team and mentors to help your projects migrate from where you currently operate onto Boba Network

Testing on Testnet: Testing if the migration works, identifying bugs and perfecting the systems ahead of launch

Iteration: Collecting user feedback, identifying areas for improvement and iterating on the product with the help of expert mentors

Mainnet Deployment: Creating excitement around your launch, driving engagement from day 1

Product Development

Iterating on Feedback: Understanding how your product can better serve your market segment and how to iterate based on the feedback received

Adding Features: Adding features to boost value proposition and to create an edge over competitors

Scaling your Business

Marketing and Community: Creating and tailoring your marketing strategy for your project and creating a strong community in Web3

Scaling: Scaling a business post-product-market fit

Airdrop: Leveraging Airdrop Hype to generate attention, community and users

Fundraising: Introductions to investors, fundraising strategy, pitch refinement

Partnerships: Forming partnerships with major players in Web3, introductions to ecosystem partners


Accelerator Funding Partners

Ecosystem Partners


Our Offer

Offer: $35K