Let’s all say hello to Goerli testnet

Boba Network | November 28, 2022

The Boba Network is a Layer-2 scaling solution that is the first of its kind as a multichain execution layer in the Web3 industry.

As you already know, earlier this month we announced that we’re shutting down our Rinkeby testnet & that we’ve already started the transition to Goerli, the recommended Rinkeby replacement testnet.

Good news: we’re now live with Goerli on mainnet! Scroll down to learn more about it! 🎉

A quick recap: Rinkeby & Goerli Testnet

As we’ve already talked about in our Rinkeby deprecation announcement here, let us do a quick recap on the Rinkeby testnet:

  • Rinkeby is an Ethereum testnet that allows web3 developers to test decentralized applications before deploying them to the Ethereum mainnet.
  • It is also a Proof-of-Authority (PoA) test network, and there are only two remaining validators left supporting the testnet following the Ethereum Merge of September 2022.

When it comes to Goerli, we should know that:

  • Goerli is a one of the most widely supported & used Ethereum’s testnet, used by an ever increasing number web3 application developers to test their applications before mainnet launch.
  • Unlike Rinkeby, it runs on proof of stake (PoS), just like Ethereum after The Merge.

Hello Boba Goerli: what’s next?

For all the developers, do not worry, it’s really simple: all you need to do is redeploy your app to the new endpoints on the Boba Goerli Network.

If you’re looking for the new endpoints, you can find them on our Boba Network docs page: Boba Docs: Contract Addresses – Boba/Ethereum

If you want to review made transactions on the testnet, feel free to hop onto our Goerli Bobascan: Boba Goerli Testnet Explorer

NOTE: If you don’t transition your app after the full launch of the Goerli testnet, it will eventually be shut down as we terminate support for earlier versions.

Have any further questions?

Need any help with redeploying your app or would like to learn more about Boba Network? Feel free to check out our Boba Docs! You can do so here:

Have any other general question? Don’t hesitate to reach out to us on our social media channels on Twitter, Telegram, Discord & more – enjoy the new Goerli testnet & have a wonderful start of the week! ✨