Cheaper transactions with our Call Data Compression technology

Boba Network | October 8, 2022

We at the Enya Inc. (the contributors to the Boba Network) have some exciting news for web3 devs! We’re always finding more ways to mitigate costs for developers who want to leverage the Boba ecosystem, and we’re introducing a new capability that has been available as of our Tree Frog (v0.1.0) release that makes working with the Boba Network easier on your wallet (pun intended) than ever!

The Tree Frog release provides lower transaction fees (compared to previous releases) due to the fact that we are utilizing Brotli compression on all smart contracts deployed on our L2. On the surface, especially if you don’t know the difference, this doesn’t seem like much of a change. However, this is huge. We’ve found that we can save up to 42% on transaction fees just by using this compression algorithm.

Check out some of the comparisons we ran, so you can see why we’re so excited about this new capability.

Cost Comparisons for the Compression for Individual Transactions

For individual transactions using our implementation of Brotli, we are able to compress your call-data up to 25%. But the numbers look even better when things are done in batches.

Method Compression Ratio Estimated Fee Savings
Zlib 24.34% -8.15%
Zlib Dictionary 22.36% -11.12%
Brotli 25.03% -5.48%

Cost Comparisons for the Compression for Batch Transactions

Now for Batch Transactions, we can compress call-data to a whopping 60% (59.93%, to be exact, but who’s counting?). So in Batch Transactions, we can save you up to 42% in your transaction fees.

Method Compression Ratio Estimated Fee Savings
Zlib 51.08% 29.47%
Zlib Dictionary 51.05% 29.44%
Brotli 59.93% 42.96%


The Boba Tree Frog (v0.1.0) release uses the Brotli algorithm. The call data is now compressed, so your transaction costs are lower. Enjoy!