Boba deployment on Binance chain

Boba launched its fifth Boba deployment on the BNB chain in November 2022. The EVM-compatibility of Boba has allowed us to expand our scalability value proposition beyond Ethereum, and as such, we are the first scaling infrastructure to scale multiple blockchains.

For Web3 developers, this means that we are making it super easy to build your next dApp or game with all the benefits that BNB chain brings to the table, such as: high performance, scalability, low costs and being backed by Binance, the biggest centralized exchange to date. As an added benefit for using BobaBNB, BNB chain developers will be able to access Hybrid Compute, one of Boba’s flagship products. Leveraging the power of real-world data and off-chain compute, developers can create richer applications with greater utility.

About BNB chain

The BNB chain was launched in September 2020. It cultivates an environment for developing a high-performance and independent blockchain. BNB chain offers the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) and smart contract abilities, which allows decentralized applications.

As of October 2022, BNB Chain is the world’s largest smart-contract blockchain in terms of transaction volume and daily active users. At the time of writing, it has processed 3 billion transactions from 163 million unique addresses, and has an ecosystem of more than 1,300 active DApps.

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Never used a blockchain before? We highly recommend you to start with our Web3 and Boba educational series. It will teach you everything there is to know about the basics of blockchain. Once you understand the basics, you can take your first step on Boba with our easy onboarding guide.

How to connect with BobaBNB on Binance chain?

BobaBNB main network

BobaBNB test network

BobaBNB block explorer

BobaBNB test block explorer

Network fee

To transact on BobaBNB, you are charged a fee. Network fees on all Boba deployments can be paid in the Boba token or the native gas token of the underlying network. BobaBNB is deployed on BNB chain and has the following fee set up:

Default fee token: BOBA

Secondary: BNB

Adding funds on BobaBNB

Boba lives inside of Binance chain as a series of smart contracts, known as a layer 2 scaling solution. In order to move assets into or out of Boba you have to use a blockchain bridge. Meaning you have to complete a transaction to move assets between different networks, known as a cross-chain transaction. You can either use the Boba bridge or a third party bridge. Learn more about how blockchain bridges work and follow our step-by-step bridge video.

Decentralized applications on BobaBNB

Boba is a platform that can execute fully autonomous smart contracts based on Ethereum’s virtual machine (EVM). Meaning, developers on Boba can create decentralized applications and users can enjoy them. Boba is home to dozens of applications such as Defi, gaming, trading, NFTs and many other services. Explore all the dApps on Boba.


Boba bridge


Sushi Symbiosis



Homie wars


Foxtrot Command

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