Hybrid Compute

What is Hybrid Compute?

Hybrid Compute is a system for interacting with the outside world from within the Boba platform. It bridges the gap between Web2 and Web3. Accessing real-world data, in real-time and bringing the result back atomically on-chain in a secured and immutable way.

Current blockchain limitations

One of the biggest disadvantages of blockchains is the lack of interaction with external (outside world) data points. Things that most developers take for granted: low cost data storage, advanced math, millisecond response times, random number generation, and the ability to talk to any other computer. Developers have to be careful about the complexity they put into their smart contract, because it can lead to slow and expensive execution.

Supercharge your smart contract

Hybrid Compute aims to break down the walls between on-chain and off-chain ecosystems without compromising on any of the core features of blockchain technology, such as security immutability and all the other decentralization characteristics. Creating an infrastructure where developers can call for more complex computation off-chain.

How does it work?

With Boba’s Hybrid approach, all you need is a smart contract (deployed on Boba) that makes Hybrid Compute calls to an external server, the server accepts these calls and returns the data back into your smart contract.


In practice, Hybrid Compute makes it easy for dApp developers to incorporate the power and depth of Web2 computation and data sources into their projects, such as machine learning and artificial intelligence systems, advanced financial modeling tools, state-of-the-art gaming engines, or social media integrations. Just to name a few examples:

Random number

Generate random numbers. For example, mint truly random NFTs

CAPTCHA for smart contracts

Creating a simple interaction where users have to complete a CAPTCHA.

AI & machine learning

Trigger more complex algorithms off-chain

Blockchain Know Your Customer (KYC)

Regulation is coming, build your on-chain KYC gatekeeper.

Commercial data (social, weather and more)

Implement real life data of social media likes, follows or comments into your smart contract.

Get started with Hybrid Compute

Unlocking blockchains true potential by enabling a more dynamic and complex environment to build on is the way forward. Dive into the Hybrid Compute documentation or head over to our developers page to start building on Boba.