BOBA token

The Boba Foundation launched its native network token called $BOBA to power BOBA's advanced scaling infrastructure. $BOBA is an Ethereum ERC-20 token that is compatible with all EVM-protocols such as Avalanche, Binance, Moonbeam and much more.

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Utility of BOBA

The goal of $BOBA is to create a new digital token economy where the user, developer and broader crypto
community can be self-sustainable and truly experience the decentralized Web3 vision.
$BOBA supports a variety of utilities.

Gas fee

Gas fee

Network fees on all Boba deployments can be paid in $BOBA or protocol’s native token.

Governance token

Governance token

$BOBA holders can propose community initiatives, infrastructure ideas or vote for the direction of the network's future.

Ecosystem growth

Ecosystem growth

$BOBA is used to fund Boba’s network infrastructure growth with incentives, developer grants and more.

Earn rewards

Earn rewards

$BOBA holders can stake their tokens and receive yield.

Hybrid Compute

Hybrid Compute

Invoking Hybrid Compute within Boba smart contracts will be charged and paid in $BOBA.


Because $BOBA has utility, investors are able to speculate on its value. $BOBA can be traded on a large variety of crypto markets and has the following market statistics.


Token price


Token market capitalization



Token circulating supply

Token supply and distribution

Fair token distribution is an important part of realizing a decentralized vision. With this in mind, the Boba Foundation decided to airdrop a large amount of the initial tokens to the crypto community. Let’s break-down the numbers.


Unlock Schedule:

Starting September 20, 2022, 29,979,550 tokens will be unlocked every quarter. The last unlock will take place on June 20, 2025.