Blockchain gaming

What is blockchain gaming?

The world of online gaming is constantly evolving, and the introduction of blockchain technology is revolutionizing the way we play. Crypto gaming, or the use of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology in online gaming, is quickly becoming the next big thing in the industry. But what makes it different from traditional gaming?

In a nutshell

Blockchain gaming, also known as Web3 gaming offers a decentralized alternative to the traditional gaming industry, where games rely on centralized servers to store and verify game data. Web3 based games are delegating away from centralized authorities and implementing blockchain based systems. Where the control is given back to the game developers and its players.

Advantages of blockchain gaming

The use of blockchain technology allows for the creation of unique and innovative game mechanics that may not be possible in traditional online gaming with the help of smart contracts. Meaning the in-game items, collectables or game rules are captured in programmable contracts. A system where players have full ownership over their own assets. These contracts are known as decentralized applications (dApps). And they have some key advantages compared to traditional game systems:


In traditional gaming, players own in-game assets and collectibles, however, these assets and collectibles will be useless when a player makes a decision to change the platform. Web3 games offer their players complete control of their in-game assets with the help of a blockchain based tokenized framework.

Universal wallet (login)

Web3 gaming runs on blockchain technology, meaning every Web3 gaming platform implements blockchain-based digital wallets. Which allows players to create their own unique wallet. This universal wallet will enable users to connect to every Web3-based blockchain game.


Unlike traditional gaming platforms, assets on Web3 can be traded without the boundary of the platform or ecosystem itself. Meaning it can be sent to multiple chains or platforms without any restrictions.

Transparency and security

Your gaming data is stored on blockchain technology and everyone can easily track transactions on the network. It creates a playing field where everyone is equal. Because games are hosted on blockchains, there is no single point of failure. Making Web3 games (almost) impossible to temper with.

Almost zero downtime

Web3 gaming ecosystems run on blockchain technology, meaning it runs on thousands of autonomously computer nodes. For the network to go down each computer node in the network must go offline.

Different game types

Whether you are a seasoned gamer or new to the world of online gaming, there is something for everyone in the world of crypto gaming. So what kind of games can we expect? There are many different types of games that can be built on Web3 platforms, ranging from traditional games like card games, fantasy sports games and board games to more complex games like role-playing games and massively multiplayer online games. Some examples of popular game types that can be found on Web3 platforms:

Metaverse games

Virtual worlds are one of the most prominent trends in the upcoming blockchain revolution. The three-dimensional virtual worlds can provide immersive experiences with different activities such as creating art, socializing, digital land or playing games.

Play-to-earn games

The name already suggests it. A user has to play to earn. To get an “reward” in the form of an NFT as well as cryptocurrencies, the only thing that is required is to play Web3 dApps. The more you play, the more rewards a user will get. Web3 games allow in-game items to be traded on permissionless decentralized marketplaces in exchange for real money.


In a traditional online casino, players deposit funds to bet or play, and then withdraw the funds, relying on the operator’s integrity to settle when they request a withdrawal. Moving the funds is expensive for the operator and not anonymous for the user. Decentralized gambling, betting, cardgames or bookmaker sites are running on blockchain technology. Which means users can connect their universal wallet and control their own assets.


Boba doesn’t endorse gambling, but we do believe in the permissionless nature of blockchain. Everybody has the right to deploy or play any sort of game, even casino related. Always keep in mind: “When the fun stops, stop.”