Boba Network

Boba deployment on Ethereum

Boba launched its first Boba deployment on the Ethereum blockchain in August 2021 to help scale Ethereum and add more complex computation to its users. Scaling solutions are aiming to take the transactional burden away from blockchain’s base layer by adding an extra layer on top of it. You can see it as adding an extra lane to a busy blockchain highway to prevent network congestion (or traffic jams) from happening.

About Ethereum

Ethereum is a technology for building decentralized applications, holding assets, transacting, communicating and keeping control of your own data in an open and decentralized environment.

In 2015 Vitalik Buterin in conjunction with other developers launched the first version of the Ethereum network after becoming frustrated with the limitations of Bitcoin. This expanded on the capabilities of blockchain technology significantly. Ethereum was developed with the goal of creating a global operating system for trusted computing to extend the use of blockchain. It allows you to create programmable “smart contracts” that run on a global computer and are stored in a permanent, immutable way. The network is fueled by its own cryptocurrency called Ether (ETH), which is used to pay for transactions and execute smart contracts.

In September 2022, Ethereum successfully transitioned to a proof-of-stake protocol, which enables users to validate transactions and mint new ETH based on their ether holdings.

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Never used a blockchain before? We highly recommend you to start with our Web3 and Boba educational series. It will teach you everything there is to know about the basics of blockchain. Once you understand the basics, you can take your first step on Boba with our easy onboarding guide.

How to connect with Boba Network on Ethereum?

Boba Network main network

Boba Network test network

Boba Network block explorer

Boba Network test block explorer

Network fee

To transact on Boba Network, you are charged a fee. Network fees on all Boba deployments can be paid in the Boba token or the native gas token of the underlying network. Boba Network is deployed on Ethereum and has the following fee set up:

Default fee token: ETH

Secondary: BOBA

Adding funds on Boba Network

Boba lives inside of Ethereum as a series of smart contracts, known as a layer 2 scaling solution. In order to move assets into or out of Boba you have to use a blockchain bridge. Meaning you have to complete a transaction to move assets between different networks, known as a cross-chain transaction. You can either use the Boba bridge or a third party bridge. Learn more about how blockchain bridges work and follow our step-by-step bridge video.

Decentralized applications on Boba Network

Boba is a platform that can execute fully autonomous smart contracts based on Ethereum’s virtual machine (EVM). Meaning, developers on Boba can create decentralized applications and users can enjoy them. Boba is home to dozens of applications such as Defi, gaming, trading, NFTs and many other services. Explore all the dApps on Boba.


Boba bridge

Across protocol

Synapse protocol







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