Introduction to Boba

Welcome to Boba

Boba is a scaling solution built on top of industry’s biggest blockchain protocols, also known as L2. Boba aims to become the universal scaling platform for all blockchains. Where users can benefit from a faster, cheaper and more dynamic Web3 experience while maintaining the same level of security as the underlying blockchain. In simple terms, Boba enables blockchains to accelerate to their full potential without sacrificing security.

Boba background

Core contributor to the Boba project, Enya Labs (formerly known as saw the launch of Boba’s beta mainnet on Ethereum in August 2021. It was the start of scaling one of the biggest smart contract platforms in the crypto space. But it was only the beginning!

In the summer of 2022, Boba expanded its infrastructure and became the first scaling solution that’s deployed on multiple blockchains. Meaning it became a multichain execution layer and partnered with crypto giants such as Avalanche, Binance BNB chain, Moonbeam and Fantom to help facilitate performance scalability to their ecosystems. Creating a rich environment for its developers, users and overall community.

Network design

Transactions on Blokchains are gradually becoming quite expensive with every passing day. Boba aims to reduce transaction fees, increase throughput, and expand the capabilities of smart contracts on multiple (EVM) based blockchain protocols. Without losing the core characteristics of a blockchain. To achieve this, Boba uses one of the most popular scaling solutions to date – Optimistic Rollups (ORs).

What is a Rollup?

In simple terms, Rollups takes the transaction computation “off the main network”. It enables digital assets and transactions to be passed on from blockchain’s mainnet to a separate smart contract, where data can be processed more efficiently, increasing the overall transaction throughput and preventing network congestion. You can see it as adding extra lanes on a busy blockchain highway. In addition, Boba introduced its own advanced computation technology called Hybrid Compute, a tool that lets the developer access more complex data from the outside world and use it in their smart contracts.


Boba offers a wide range of features and technology advantages in comparison with the current blockchains. Boba’s goal is to create a cheaper, faster and smarter experience for everyone.

Compatibility with EVM (Ethereum Virtual Machine)

Boba makes it possible to execute any smart contract currently running on Ethereum or EVM-based blockchains without losing the underlying security.

Hybrid Compute (Off-chain computation)

A smart contract developer has the ability to bring off-chain algorithms on-chain opening up more advanced calculations, machine learning and more.

Boba tokenomics

Boba Network uses the boba token (BOBA) to facilitate governance, network growth, network fee and more.


Boba is a cross-chain scaling solution, deployed on Ethereum, Avalanche, Binance chain and more.

Boba gaming

A dedicated gaming interface where players can connect with their favorite games, have full control over their in-game assets and earn loyalty points.

Nothing to prove, everything to improve.

Scaling Ethereum was just the beginning. After the successful launch of Boba’s mainnet on Ethereum, the Boba foundation is expanding its capabilities on multiple blockchains and is taking a leading role in becoming the cross-chain platform of all blockchains. With this new approach, Boba is able to utilize each multichain deployment in its own unique way. This led to new opportunities such as adding a blockchain gaming platform and optimizing our DeFi infrastructure even further. Do you want to explore a high-level visual summary of Boba’s direction? Please visit our Boba engineering roadmap.