Onboarding the next billion users

We all know that crypto has an incredibly wide range of specific use cases, and definitely has the potential to revolutionize the internet as we know it. But before the average consumer, broader crypto community and the world as a whole adopts crypto, we first need to figure out how we can facilitate an infrastructure that is accessible for all. Using self-custodial wallets to interact with blockchain based applications and other digital assets can be quite challenging. Now imagine building an extra lane on top of it and let the average user move their digital assets onto it. Well, welcome to the world of scaling solutions.

Design goals

For us your entry into the Boba ecosystem is as important as the network itself. We believe that a useful and intuitive user experience is crucial for making crypto accessible for all. We want to make this experience frictionless, unified, streamlined and easy as possible. While there still remains a clear and distinctive separation between DeFi, gamingand other products.

Onboarding users

Our infrastructure is designed to enable users to onboard their crypto assets in an easy, efficient and secure way. We have created a one-stop experience for newcomers, average crypto users and the broader Web3 community. A self-custodial environment where users can enjoy many of the popular DeFi applications in a faster, cheaper and smarter way.

Combining the best of both worlds

Striving to fill the gap between the old and the new. Meaning adopting Web3 technologies and combining it with the level of familiarity comparable to traditional Web2 services and design.

Pushing for adoption

Disruptive technologies all seem to travel the same road. You can compare it with the car industry. It took decades to overtake horses as the transport of choice. Why? Because roads were simply not good enough to drive on. Creating a frictionless infrastructure is key for mass adoption. But this transformation takes time, it certainly won’t happen overnight. And that’s okay, because slow and steady progress also leads to the finish line, eventually.

Enter Boba’s Web3 platform

There are many scaling solutions out there and each one has their own approach of connecting users to their network. Some call it a portal, a suite or a bridging application. But we like to keep stuff simple and call it Boba gateway. As its name would suggest, it’s your entrance into the Boba ecosystem. A one-stop place that offers a user-friendly interface, where you as a user can easily and intuitively connect with Boba’s core Web3 products.

Start using our gateway

Want to try Boba for yourself? No problem. Let us help you with your first steps on Boba with our easy to follow starting guide. If you already used scaling solutions before, start connecting your wallet to our gateway and begin your journey.